Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management services can be tailored to match as closely as possible our customers' needs. These combined, integrated services, not only incorporate mechanical and electrical engineering, environmental and at height technical challenges but also broader considerations that relate to the building fabric and its surroundings.

Facilities Management means different things to different people. It is often referred to as Hard (technical) and Soft services. For Oakland Air Control Ltd., Facilities Management is a natural evolution of our technical services and what we do best; caring for the things many people take for granted. We do this by sharing our knowledge and experience to provide high quality, attentive and responsive services to owners and operators of buildings of all types from offices, theatres and laboratories to universities, data centres and advanced manufacturing sites. 

Key Areas

  • Commercial - Office and other commercial building technical support services
  • Industrial - Asset maintenance services in manufacturing and distribution buildings
  • Medical - Providing non clinical support services

Over 30% of all healthcare providers in the UK outsource the management of one or more non clinical services and the trend is growing, Oakland Air Control Ltd. is perfectly placed to supply these non clinical services associated with clinical health facilities. In industrial buildings we recognise the need for manufacturers and distributors to keep control of their operational costs to remain competitive. In commercial buildings such as offices we understand how legislation, compliance and energy management are critical to smooth business operations.

Our extensive list of services which include installation, maintenance, inspection, assessment, sampling and compliance are described more fully on our main Services page. By having a Facilities Management function at Oakland Air Control Ltd. we are able to select our services to match our customers' needs without having to try to include things they do not want. For example, we are free to deliver environmental or at height or M&E based services or a combination of these. Whatever the requirement, our aim remains the same. To make our customers' buildings safer, comfortable, productive, energy efficient and compliant, 

Bundled Facilities Services

Our extensive range of services includes design, installation, maintenance, testing, inspections and surveying, commissioning, repair, sampling, assessments registers and compliance. These extend over our core business areas of mechanical and electrical engineering, environmental and at height.

Facilities Management Service Features

  • Project management of capital works
  • Asset tagging and recording
  • H&S correct & targeted systems implementation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • 24 hour facilities response centre for service and fault reporting
  • Procurement services
  • Financial management and budget preparation
  • Tendering and negotiating service agreements
  • Management of ongoing service provisions
  • Pre-purchase inspection and reporting
  • Building condition and dilapidation reporting
Our Compliance

Oakland Air Control Ltd. is a highly accredited business. We believe in accreditations and certifications not just as part of a bureaucratic process but also as a way to continuously improve what we do and how we do it. This is why we have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, NICEIC and Gas Safe Registration for example. You can read more about our accreditations here.

In delivering our Facilities Management services we use our own experience of regulations and compliance to help our customers.