Our services relate to the technical or engineering based systems that heat, cool, ventilate, light, power, control and protect anything from domestic dwellings to commercial, industrial and public buildings. Our technical services cover the full range of project development stages from surveying and design through to installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and compliance. 

We use Access Service Manager for our maintenance service desk and job scheduling functions. This enables us to seamlessly take and despatch jobs and effectively allocate our teams as efficiently as possible.

For details of our quality and environmental systems and other professional credentials see Accreditations and Certifications.

Customers of our services include facilities managers, property owners, landlords, tenants and managing agents.


The Oakland Air Control Ltd. design service includes the selection and arrangement of HVAC, electrical and controls systems to meet a specific need and involves site surveys and/or the production and review of engineering drawings. Design primarily forms part of our project installation business line where plant selection and configuration acts as a precursor to site based works. Design is conducted in line with the requirements of ISO9001, the quality management system.

At Oakland Air Control Ltd. we believe that our designs should take full advantage of our experience of installing and maintaining engineering systems. This manifests itself in our approach which considers the well-being of a building's occupants during the early stages of design. This means we consider specific physical aspects such as air quality, space temperature, draughts, light levels and their ability to control these physical aspects via Trend Controls at the start. We also use our experience to consider how a design will impact running costs in terms of energy consumption and on-going planned preventive maintenance. Considering these whole life cost elements at the design stage is very important to a successful solution.

Read more about our designs in Case Studies.

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Oakland Air Control Ltd. carries out installation works on projects that are either designed in-house or by consultants, customers and other third parties. Installation projects include HVAC, electrical and controls based systems. Working within the standard industry accredited requirements including Safecontractor as well as ISO9001 and ISO14001, our comprehensive and considerate on-site activities ensure highly competent and safe project delivery.

In addition to the installation of Trend Controls and Daikin or Mitsubishi Heat Pumps, Oakland Air Control Ltd. also delivers extensive HVAC solutions that include central chiller plant, boilers, pipework, ductwork and all the necessary control and commissioning elements necessary to produce fully functional systems.

For more information on our air conditioning installation services particularly click here.

Remedial, recommissioning works as part of a refurbishment or following ESOS or TM44 inspections are also installation services.

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The ongoing maintenance of mechanical, electrical and control assets as well as the building fabric within a building is essential to ensure plant availability, reliability and efficiency in use. We offer customised planned preventive maintenance service programmes that are designed specifically for our customers' mechanical and electrical engineering installations. We take into consideration the condition of the equipment, how it is used, the environment it is sited in and how it was maintained previously to arrive at the most cost effective ongoing PPM plan.

At Oakland Air Control Ltd. we provide planned preventive maintenance or PPM services on a term contract basis. These presently range from annual contracts to 5 year arrangements. Our PPM services are enhanced by our reactive maintenance services – or call outs - to our customers on a 365/24/7 basis. This comprehensive coverage enables our customers to budget for maintenance services in the knowledge of having a compliant, efficient and safe technical installation at all times.

For more information on our air conditioning maintenance services particularly click here.

We also offer reactive, emergency call out services for unexpected equipment failures to people and organisations who do not hold a planned preventive maintenance contract with us. Call us on 0800 542 2580 for more information or a quote.

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Testing is something that is done at different times. After a new installation to ensure that everything is working as expected or when an asset or system has been used for some time and suffers from a degraded condition or performance. Legislation can also govern when testing is done. The frequency of post installation testing also depends on the environment within which the plant sits and the nature of its use.

Electrical assets need to be tested periodically. Portable appliances need to be tested (PAT Testing) in accordance with guidelines that depend on the environment and nature of use of the Appliance. Fixed Wiring Testing, i.e. that wiring which is installed within the fabric of a building, is required in commercial buildings in the UK in compliance with BS7671 2008 as part of the latest EICR (electrical installation condition report.) It is recommended that advice is sought to ensure ongoing compliance.

We conduct annual boiler tests, gas pipework system soundness tests as well as sample tests on water (Legionella) and materials such as asbestos.

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Inspection & Surveys

At Oakland Air Control Ltd. we use our extensive experience to help you get the most from your engineering and building assets.

Our inspection and surveying service involves viewing and assessing the condition and fitness for purpose of components, parts, assets and devices deployed in the buildings and associated infrastructure. Inspection and surveying services involve site visits and result in a either a written or verbal report. These reports may warn you of pending failures or reassure you as to the condition and likely ongoing performance of you assets.

Typical HVAC and controls condition surveys include:

  • Physical on-site inspection of HVAC systems on a minimum 10% sample per asset class
  • Mechanical and BEMS control systems component check and analysis
  • Detailed report of each asset class
  • Recommendation of improvements where necessary
  • Life cycle replacement (LCR) report showing anticipated year of recommended replacement and associated budget costs
We also carry out air conditioning system inspections in accordance with CIBSE's TM44 guidance document as part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. This requires that building owners put in place measures to regularly inspect air conditioning systems with an output of more than 12kW.

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Once equipment is modified, refurbished or newly installed and the respective testing is completed it is important that they are set to work competently and then formally commissioned to ensure that they perform as expected. Commissioning ensures that controls, safety features and system outputs are fully functional and operating as intended.

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One of Oakland Air Control Ltd.'s central beliefs is that assets that are carefully maintained are far less likely to experience failure. In other words prevention is better than cure. However, we do realise that not everyone thinks like this. In the circumstances when a planned preventive maintenance programme is not in place Oakland Air Control Ltd. is still able to assist. Our comprehensive repair services relating to M&E, controls and building fabric assets are delivered cost effectively by our highly competent and responsive service teams.

In the event of a product, component or system failure Oakland Air Control Ltd. is available, through our reactive maintenance team, to carry out the necessary repairs. Through our broader Facilities Management function we are able to assess and repair dilapidated or failed building fabric assets.

For more information on our air conditioning repair services particularly click here.

For more information on our Facilities Management services particularly click here.

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Component Sales

As approved partners for Trend Controls, Daikin, Mitsubishi and Airius Oakland Air Control Ltd. also sells equipment, components and devices via our on-line shops. Heat pumps and destratification fans are available on this website - see the Shop

Trend Control devices and components including NXL inverter drives, actuators, valves, sensors, energy meters and modules are available to buy online at Oakland Air Control Ltd.’s web site.

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Anyone with the responsibility for a building or facility has an obligation to ensure that it complies with a range of safety, legislation and standards requirements. Compliance, in this context, revolves around harmful substances, fire risk and fire systems, electrical systems, gas installations, FGas in refrigeration systems and water hygiene. Compliance requires appropriate, timely maintenance and detailed record/register keeping.

We can help you navigate the continuously evolving building and facilities compliance landscape.

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To ensure ongoing compliance to standards and regulations it is sometimes necessary to take samples for scientific testing. Oakland Air Control Ltd. can initiate this process by taking water samples to test for Legionella, for example, or by taking material samples from the building fabric to test for asbestos.

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Oakland Air Control Ltd. is a specialist HVAC service provider. As part of this comprehensive expertise we provide air quality assessment services as part of the broader environmental impact assessment requirement. As with most of our specialist services, the requirements of these assessments will depend on the nature of the facility and its occupants.

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At Oakland Air Control Ltd. we appreciate that the administration of issues relating to compliance can be time consuming and difficult to maintain. Our thorough knowledge of Facilities compliance issues makes us the ideal partner to your building compliancy needs. We can help to establish and maintain a thorough system of Registers to ensure your facility remains compliant and that you have the necessary paperwork in place.

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