Trend Controls

Oakland Air Control Ltd. has held a strong relationship with Trend Controls for over 20 years. Oakland Air Control Ltd. is an Accredited Partner to Trend Controls and holds the status of Approved Partner OEM. The OEM Partner agreement allows Oakland Air Control Ltd. to provide factory fitted Trend controllers that link easily to other Trend products on site.

Oakland Air Control Ltd. is proud to be associated with Trend Controls and we work hard to maintain our accredited status and promote Trend Controls whenever possible.

We believe our combination of in-house HVAC, electrical and controls capabilities make us unique in the UK built environment market.

Trend Controls is the UK’s BEMS market leader and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell. Trend is at the forefront in developing new and exciting technologies that control energy use within the built environment. Today’s building owners, managers and occupiers are tasked with reducing energy consumption, lowering overall energy expenditure and minimising their carbon footprint, whilst maintaining comfortable conditions.

At Oakland Air Control Ltd. we use our extensive HVAC installation and maintenance experience to ensure smooth, well planned control system installations and upgrades. Then, through close control and monitoring of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other building services, our Trend systems are able to reduce energy consumption with the further Oakland Air Control Ltd. benefit of lower plant maintenance costs. 

The IQ4E is the latest addition to the company’s range of control devices. It is available in 16, 32, 96, 128, 160 and 192 point variants with the ability to upgrade between the point variants for greater flexibility. The IQ4E also has improved I/O bus capabilities with an available distribution length of 300m and the potential to configure 30 I/O modules.

Backwards compatibility is designed in from the outset so the IQ4E can communicate with any IQ1, IQ2 or IQ3 controllers. The new analogue output module on the 8UIO and 4UIO channel variants allows each channel to be configured as a digital input, thermistor input, current input, voltage input or voltage output.

In addition to our installation, configuration and commissioning services we also sell Trend devices, actuators, drives and accessories via our dedicated web store at