BMI Healthcare

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Project Details:

Client: BMI Healthcare
Completed: Roof works at BMI, Brentford Sion
Oakland Business Line: Facilities Management
Objective: Eradicate leaks and water ingress into the facility

BMI Healthcare is an independent provider of private healthcare, offering treatment to private patients, medically insured patients, and NHS patients. 

There are 59 hospitals and healthcare facilities across the UK with headquarters based in London and Oakland are proud to provide a wide variety of Facilities Management services for 26 of them.

We have provided services across a wide range of requirements including:

  • 1600L Roof Mounted Water Tank Replacement at Bury St Edmunds
  • Maintenance and Water Supply Monitoring at Cavell
  • Air Handling Unit repairs at Meridian Coventry and Sandringham
  • Trend and HVAC maintenance plus installation of Split A/C systems for Droitwich
  • Pump replacement, R22 replacement, pipework lagging, Chiller replacement, and AHU replacement for Priory
  • Theatre Door replacement and Hot Water remedial works at Bath
  • AHU Maintenance at Syon Clinic
  • Boiler and HVAC Trend control panel at Priory

These are just some examples of the work that Oakland Air Control have done for BMI over the past few years. 

Our most recent project has been the roof repairs at BMI Brentford Syon. There are two roof levels, the top roof with atrium and the lower roof overlaid with decking, which made access very difficult. The photographs that you can see here illustrate the problems that BMI had.

Oakland successfully tendered a quote to repair the leaking upper and lower level roof area using 3M’s ® Scotchcote ® 661/662 system of solvent based moisture triggered elastomeric urethane coating.

The lower roof section had decking which had to be removed section by section, then on both roofs debris was removed, the existing Terylene membrane was peeled back, the substrate cleaned, vegetation was removed, downspouts were cleared, a fungicidal wash was applied, and the surface was cleaned.

A primer layer was then applied, and after curing, was followed by a coat of 661 polymer, a layer of 3M ® reinforcing material and finally a coat of 662 polymer.

The Terylene membrane was then re-laid, the decking re-fitted (on the lower roof level) and the site cleaned.

In total an area of 765 square metres was treated including all upstands, parapets and rainwater outlets, and the whole project was completed in 7 weeks.

The treatment is guaranteed for 20 years, being underwritten by 3M ® who inspect the job prior to issuing the guarantee to ensure the correct application of their product.

Here are the various stages:

1. Decking removed
2. Clearing Debris and Downspouts
3. Applying Primer
4. Matting Application
5. Finished Membrane
6. Decking re-laid

Download case study

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