Air to air heat pumps

An Air to Air Heat Pump is a refrigerant based system which can absorb heat from the air.

The main difference to an Air to Water system is that the heat is transferred to the air in a different location, so either from the inside of a building to the outside or vice versa. 

This means that an Air to Air system can be used for either heating or cooling, which most people will recognise under the generic term of Air Conditioning.

Whilst Air to Air systems do not provide hot water they are still an efficient way of maintaining a comfortable environment all year round in both Domestic and Commercial buildings.

Air conditioning has been common in Commercial building for many years, but only recently have we seen an increase in demand for Air Conditioning via an Air to Air heat pump installation in the Domestic environment.

A combination of climate change increasing average temperatures, and modern housing insulation levels combined with a lack of ventilation (short of opening a window, which is not practical in some noisy environments) mean that summer indoor temperatures can be quite uncomfortable, especially at night in an upstairs bedroom.

Modern high quality Air Conditioning units, using inverter technology, will vary the speed at which the unit operates to improve efficiency and therefore operating costs, reduce noise and extend the life of the component parts whereas the older, 1st generation units operated at a fixed speed until the desired temperature was reached, at which point the unit stopped, then started again when the thermostatic control demanded more cooling.

This stop start cycle can disturb light sleepers, so inverter technology is ideal for keeping a hot bedroom perfectly cool almost silently.

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